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All qualified engineers are welcome to use Dominelli Studios - Click Here for Studio Engineer Application Form.  We also have senior and junior engineers available, who are trained in Dominelli Studios equipment and who also work for non-profit rates.  

Would you like to become a Dominelli Studios approved engineer?  Contact us at

Gear List

Mic Preamp’s

Avalon 737
Drawmer 1960
Warm audio for 12
Universal audio 710
MindPrIntDTC dual tube

Software & Interface

ProTools HD
Control 24
Focal monitors


Neumann U87 AI (Large Diaphram)
SE Gemini (Large Diaphram)
Peluso TR –14 stereo pair ribbons
Peluso P-28 stereo pair condensers
AKG 414 EB condenser (Vintage)
AKG 450b stereo pair condensers
Audio Technica 4040 (Large Diaphram)
Sm 57‘s Sm 58’s Sb7
Audix Drum Pack Headphones
AKG Senheiser CAD



Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
Yamaha five piece recording (Oak Bass Drum) custom Drumset 10,12,14, 20
Gretsch Jazz Kit 10,12,14,18
Gretsch Rock Kit 10,12,16,22
Selection of 10 snare drums
Selection of Ride,crashes ,hi hats and effects symbols.
MusicMan guitar amp
Dingwald bass guitar
Korg B1 Electric Piano