Gear List

Mic Preamp’s

Avalon 737
Drawmer 1960
Neve 1050
Api 500 Series 
Warm Audio  412
Universal audio 710
MindPrIntDTC dual tube

Software & Interface

ProTools HD
Avid Artist control
Adam 77X monitors with Bass spin


Neumann U87 AI (Large Diaphram)
SE Gemini (Large Diaphram)
Peluso TR –14 stereo pair ribbons
Peluso P-28 stereo pair condensers
AKG 414 EB condenser (Vintage)
AKG 450b stereo pair condensers
Audio Technica 4040 (Large Diaphram)
Sm 57‘s Sm 58’s Sb7
Audix Drum Pack


AKG, Senheiser, Audio Technica and CAD 


Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
Yamaha five piece recording (Oak Bass Drum) custom Drumset 10,12,14, 20
1980's(John Bonham clone ) Ludwig Drumset 24,12,13,16 Fl tom
Gretsch Jazz Kit 10,12,14,18
Gretsch Rock Kit 10,12,16,22
Selection of 10 snare drums
Selection of Ride,crashes ,hi hats and effects symbols.
Fender Twin (1972)
Fender Hot Rod
MusicMan guitar amp
Dingwald bass guitar
Korg B1 Electric Piano

Our 450 square foot venue is fully equipped with all backline, production, chairs/tables, and lighting for your event. With a 40 person capacity, this intimate venue is perfect for small events, workshops, corporate parties and CD release parties. We are also equipped for live recordings, so if you would like us to record your event, we can provide a professional quality video or audio recording of your function.   

Project Vibe is a non-profit music program, established to provide you - a musician looking for the next challenge, a creative space and supportive program to challenge and inspire you.